Williamson Business PAC

The Williamson Business PAC was formed in late 2015.  The board came together because we are concerned about a change in the tone of our local politics.  While there have always been heated discussions around difficult decisions, we’ve noticed a less civil tone and an increase in what appear to be outside influences.  

The Williamson Business PAC is organized to provide the Williamson County business community with a voice in the electoral process, encourage economic development, promote excellence in public education and promote good citizenship at the state and local level through personal and financial participation in the election process. 

The Williamson Business PAC is: 

  • Locally formed and funded. 
  • Independent from the Chamber of Commerce and all other groups, although we do have good relationships through the business community. 
  • Transparent.  Our board and financial contributors are identifiable and accessible.   
  • Non-partisan.  

The Williamson Business PAC is not: 

  • Affiliated with or controlled by outside groups. 
  • Involved in anonymous statements or scare tactics. 
  • Funded using any taxpayer money. 

We make our endorsements and support candidates using a businesslike process: 

  • We meet and interview all candidates interested in our support (In the 2016 elections, all but one school board candidate requested our endorsement). 
  • We match the temperament and experience of the candidates to the requirements of the job they are pursuing. 
  • If a candidate appears best qualified for the position they seek, we endorse that candidate and support their campaign.  If two or more candidates for the same seat seem similarly qualified, we do not issue an endorsement and will make a public comment to that effect.   

In the August 4, 2016 election, all 7 of the candidates endorsed by the Williamson Business PAC won their respective race. 

We do not test the candidates based on “ideological purity” or other similar standards.  While we acknowledge the value of this in certain circumstances and recognize that there are other groups within our community that seek to provide that perspective, it is not the basis of our process.   

For us to continue to do this work, we need your support.  If you see value in our process, please support us financially.  Any gift, large or small, makes a significant difference. 

Thank you for your consideration and support.  

The Board