Raise The Grade.

The Williamson Business PAC is dedicated to supporting strong public schools and practical, sensible leadership in our community.  That’s why we are gaining support from the Williamson County Community.

Growth in our County is projected to bring 10,000 additional students in the next five years.  Forward thinking planning by our Williamson County Schools Administration and School Board anticipate the need to purchase 615 acres to build 17 new schools. This is in addition to expanding some existing schools and maintaining all. 

Williamson County students get the best education, while at the same time; our costs per student remain among the lowest in the state.  The lifestyle and strong economy in Middle Tennessee brings prosperity and growth. Decisions by results oriented leaders in our local government will address the financial challenges of planning for a half billion dollars necessary to serve this growth.  

The Williamson Business PAC exists to support candidates committed to rigorous and constructive debate focused on practical solutions.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 in an effort to support community initiatives and candidates that can promote education, good citizenship and economic development in Williamson County.  Every candidate we endorsed to date has won their election or earned their appointment and today, are calmly going about the business of building for tomorrow.  We are making a difference, and you can be part of that by joining our “Raise the Grade” campaign.  Your contribution matters!

Learn more about why we formed the Williamson Business PAC and what you can do to help by visiting williamsonbusinesspac.com/more.

Any level of contribution is appreciated and can be made by clicking here.

Thank you,

The Board